A Gigi Heather Story (or ten)

A Story: Gigi and Heather meet – The REAL Encounter

Planet earth, USA, California, San Francisco, Backstreet, 550 Barnevald – January 12-13th, 2002

We met the good old fashioned way. In person. In the flesh. 1500 women dancing in a large San Francisco venue. We kept eyeing each other throughout the night. Gigi had a shaved head (and Heather thought she was HOT). Heather had her sunglasses on the whole time, not to mention, the most innovative outfit of any woman there (and Gigi thought SHE was really HOT). It must have been close to last call when we finally moved toward each other. We were upstairs, dancing in the room playing house music and all of a sudden we were drawn to each other; the energy between us was magnetic. Game over! Heather likes to say that Gigi was wearing a sports bra, to which Gigi responds, she was just wearing a tight Adidas shirt. The night ended and Heather informed Gigi that she did not give her number out to strangers, but that she would take Gigi’s number. Gigi had just gotten her first cell phone that day and after they parted, she was very concerned that she may have not given Heather the correct number. But alas, the next day (that was quick!), Gigi received a call from Heather and they made their first date. In addition, Heather convinced Gigi to appear in her upcoming fashion show, which led to their first lovers’ quarrel (i.e., Gigi refused to wear the heels on which Heather insisted, but nevertheless, they compromised on a pair of butchy-femmey knee high boots, with very subtle slight heels)  The rest is a long herstory filled with luscious fire dragon love and laughter.

Heather’s designs at the Mockumentary Fashion Show (Gigi and Heather’s first collaboration). San Francisco, CA, February 2002.

Gigi dolled up (more like… aliened up) with Heather’s fabulous creation

Check out three more stories and videos below: Octopus Martini Hut, Queer Cheerleaders, and Engagement Party on the Cooking Channel!

AnOther Story: Gigi and Heather meet – The Dream

Heather (aka Le Petit Prince) and Gigi (aka Space Monkey) meet in the Underworld, at the Octopus Martini Hut – June 30th, 3090

“Strangely Shaped Hearts,” from M.U.V.E. (Muvement Uninhibited Violating Everything), a collaborative performance by Gigi and Heather that premiered at Somarts in 2004.  You’re gonna LOVE this VIDEO STORY (a few pics below)!

Yet AnOther Story: Heather Pops the Question to Gigi

“Queer Cheerleaders” at Love in Motion, a marriage equality fundraiser that Gigi and Heather organized at the SF LGBT Center on October 4, 2008. You’re gonna LOVE this video too!

Gigi and Heather before transforming into the “Queer Cheerleaders”

The Queer Cheerleaders!

Prop 8 Protest at San Francisco City Hall

One More, Just For Kicks: The Engagement Party on the Cooking Channel 

British-Taiwanese food entrepreneur Ching-He Huang cooks for Gigi, Heather and friends for the San Francisco season of Chinese Food Made Easy. The shoot at Wente Vineyards was in June of 2011 and the episode premiered on cable last November. Watch clips featuring the party HERE!

On set at Wente Vineyards. Left to right: Leigh, Kira, Kartika, Rebekah, Jin Soo, Kristen, Ching-He Huang, Jorge, Roberto, Heather, Camiel, Nikki, Gigi, Tiffany, and Dallas

Heather and Gigi with Ching-He Huang


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