Fire Dragon Love Sauce: The Official Hot Sauce for Gay Marriage was conceived by wife and wife Heather Cox Carducci and Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa. They are both fire dragons according to Chinese astrology and held their commitment ceremony in San Francisco September 15, 2012 during the year of the water dragon which was also their ten year anniversary; hence, the name of the sauce. The dragon wives produced the sauce as party favors for their wedding guests and are ready to spread the love with the rest of the world! They celebrate the sauce’s synaesthetic qualities, such as its ability to stimulate the political senses by way of the gastronomic ones.

In June 2013, the dragon wives launched the hot sauce and a Kickstarter campaign in celebration of Pride month and in anticipation of the Supreme Court rulings on two major cases related to gay marriage–Prop 8 and DOMA. Marriage equality triumphed! And we also successfully reached our Kickstarter goal to raise the funds needed to ramp up the business (please see the Press and Testimonials page for our list of amazing backers).

Visit the Kickstarter page HERE to view videos of our promotional events in June and to read testimonials and recent press (San Francisco Magazine, KPFA Radio, and dot429 Magazine).

UPDATE: Our business is currently on hiatus. When we launched the business, we were operating under a cottage food law permit for our product as a spiced vinegar, from the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Subsequently, the California Department of Public Health informed the SF DPH that only stand-alone vinegar was permitted, not spiced vinegar. At that time, the CA DPH also removed other types of foods such as jams and jellies, from the list of approved cottage foods.  We petitioned the CA DPH in the spring of 2014 to add hot sauce to the list of approved foods, with a stipulation to mandate the testing of pH levels for hot sauce products, as required by other states that have cottage food laws. Unfortunately, they rejected our request. However, we are hopeful that in the future, hot sauce will be added to the list of approved foods, which will allow us to resume business. Please check back for updates. In love (and hot sauce) we will perpetually trust!  

For more information, email us at otaducci@gmail.com.

Mezcal for website

The original label used for the party favors at our wedding. Illustration by Jenifer Wofford and graphic design by Heather Carducci.

5 oz bottle SFDPH FOR WEB

Our new label! Designed by Heather.

NEW label Photo by Tara Luz of Drew Altizer Photography. More wedding photos by Tara here.



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